Stylish tie holder

Stylish men’s tie bars tie holder

Key features

  • Stylish men’s tie bars tie holder
  • Metal
  • Color: Gold and Silver
  • Size: 55*6mm
  • Package: Jewelry box
  • Stock available

Nothing screams elegance like the gold and silver colored tie clips. It holds the tie in place while adding to your entire look. Also, Gold and silver are the two colors which will never let you down as it fits well with whatever color you would like to pair it with.

The Executive Clasp Tie Bar will be your new favorite collar-accessory. With its simple shape design, this metal tie bar can be used for both young and older gentlemen when it comes to modern minimalism.

How to wear a tie clip?

It is a easy thing. Just remember tie clip placement should be located between the  third and fourth buttons of your dress shirt.

Get these delivered in a jewelry box.

Stylish men's tie bars tie holder

Do like below:Stylish men's tie bars tie holder