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custom fiesta medals

Custom Fiesta Medals Manufacture

We are the leading designer and manufacturer of high-quality custom fiesta medals based in China. Get instant quotes today. And customize your own  fiesta medals

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About Custom Fiesta Medals


200pcs custom die-struck fiesta medals from $0.79 each.

Minimum Order Quantity

We recommend MOQ:150PCS/design

Avg. Turn Around Time

3-6+ weeks, from order placement to delivery
Need it sooner? Contact us

Our Work

We produce all kinds of fiesta medals: Die Struck Medals, Spinner Medals,  Sliding Medals, Printed Medals, and more.

custom fiesta medal
custom fiesta medal
custom fiesta medal
custom fiesta medal
2017 custom fiesta medal
custom fiesta medal
manhiem fiesta medal 2017
2020 custom fiesta medal
2020 custom fiesta medal
Custom fiesta medals
Custom fiesta medal

Additional Options

extra $0.23/pc

Glitter Enamel
Extra $0.04/C/Pc

Header bar
Extra $0.28/pc

Standard Ribbon Drape
Extra $0.35/Pc

Extra $0.2-$0.3/PC

Promote Your Business With San Antonio Fiesta Medals

Every year thousands of people gather to celebrate the Fiesta event in San Antonio. There’s no better opportunity to promote your local business than by having people wear custom fiesta medals featuring your logo! 

Perfect Crafts And Gifts has been a direct custom fiesta medal maker for some years and manufactures hundreds of fiesta medals San Antonio orders each year from September to April of the next year. We have rich experience in manufacturing fiesta medals. Our customers return year after year Because of the high quality of our work and unbeatable customer service. Working with us, you can enjoy: 

  • ON-TIME delivery. 

What Are Fiesta Medals?

Fiesta medals are small, often collectible, medals or pins that people wear during Fiesta San Antonio. They are typically designed with vibrant colors. and often feature various symbols, themes, or references related to San Antonio, Texas, or the Fiesta itself. These medals are often created by local organizations, businesses, schools, or individuals who want to participate in the festivities and share their unique designs with others.

Fiesta Medal Design

Let your imagination take you anywhere. there are no limits to custom Fiesta medal design.

About Shape

You can design your own medal in any shape, such as a round, rectangle, square, a cat, a car, a house, or something else.

About the design

The most popular customized Fiesta medals are 2D type iron stamped soft enamel. Please consider your company logo, business, slogan,  or even your pet. Add any logo element you want. 

About Fiesta Medal Size:

 The popular medal sizes are 1.75”, 2”, and 2.25″. Furthermore, 2”, 2.25”, and 2.5″ spinner medals are trendy.

About Fiesta Medals Type:

The most common medals types are iron die struck with soft enamel medals and spinner medals. Also, with header or danglers. Please note that: the more complex, the higher prices.

If you need any help with design, welcome to send your logo/ idea to us. we can help with your design. With rich experience, we can work out the perfect solution for you.

Fiesta Medal Price

Fiesta medals come in different designs, sizes, and crafts, each medal is unique. So there is no fixed price for personalized fiesta medals. In a word, the price is based on the size, craft, design, and more features it contains. The more features, the more expensive price. 

Based on different designs, sizes, and quantities, the price varies from $0.75/PC-$2.50/PC. In addition, It needs a mold fee for setting up the mold for any custom design products. 

Fiesta medal cost= Unit price *Quantity +Set up Mold fee+ Shipping fee to the US.

There is NO hidden fee and middle-man fee.

Fiesta Medal Ribbon Drape Options

You can choose a single-color ribbon drape or print your logo on the ribbon.

We offer 2 kinds of safety pins.

ribbon drape

Fiesta Medal Turnaround

The lead time for fiesta medals is 2-3 weeks based on 150-1000PCS.

Anyway, when you order, please consider the Chinese Lunar New Year Holiday. Usually, before and after the holiday, our production line is busy. the turnaround is 3-4 weeks.

The BEST time to order fiesta medals is between September to December.

Now, it is your turn. Are you ready to order custom fiesta medals now?

Direct Fiesta Medals Manufacturer Since 2010.

We have been in the award industry for decades, producing all kinds of custom fiesta medals, and are proud of making medals for many wholesalers. We have rich experience in controlling the quality and delivering products on time.

Your concerns are our concerns.

You worry about delay. We have more than 10 production lines to fulfill the orders to ensure you have them before April.

You worry about quality. We offer free random samples for quality evaluation.

You worry about our reliability. We take pictures and videos of each process, you will get to know your order status from design to shipment.

We are not more than a medal manufacturer, we are your trusted partner.

set up mold

Set Up Mold

die struck

Die Struck



filling enamel

Fill Enamel


Do Epoxy


QC & Package

How To Order Custom Fiesta Medals?

Customize Your Own Medal is NOT hard. and the price is quite EASY.  You just need to tell us your needs and design. and hand over the rest to us.

With over 15 years of producing fiesta medals. we have rich experience and confidence to take your order very well.

fiesta medal design

Step1: Inquiry:

When inquiry, please specify below:

  1. Tell Your Medal Size, Color & Quantity
  2. Email the design logo in PDF, JPG, or PNG files.
  3. Select Ribbon Drape Color.
Fiesta Medal Artwork

Step 2: Confirm artwork

Based on your needs and design, we will work out artwork for approval.

Final Fiesta Medal

3: Arrange production.

Once you approve the artwork, we will arrange production for you.

Thanks for Choosing Perfect Crafts and Gifts

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