Custom lanyards

Custom lanyards are every day and fun giveaways,  and there are various organizations, associations, and business use at trade shows and corporate events all over the world. Personalized lanyards can be joined with badge holders, badge reels, key rings, and other attachments to fit the unique needs of an organization, government agencies, schools, and special events. Customized lanyards can enhance security by identifying people and securing ID cards. Cool lanyards are simple and affordable. What is more, they can significantly help you to increase awareness of your brand.

What is a lanyard?

The word originates from the ancient French word ‘laniere’, and it means a small piece of rope used to secure something. However, in nowadays, the definition of lanyard is a cord or strap worn around the neck or wrist, which use to carry small objects either for security, identification purposes or to relay specific information.

There are numerous designing techniques for making customized lanyards you may come across. Some of the different styles of custom lanyards are listing below.

  • Sublimation lanyard also refer to as heat transfer printing lanyard.
  • Tubular lanyards
  • Jacquard lanyards. It is a kind of embroidered or woven lanyard.
  • Polyester lanyards
  • Nylon lanyards
  • Blank lanyards
  • Double layered lanyard. It can be dye sublimation lanyards and screen-printed lanyard.
  • Reflective lanyards

How to make a lanyard?

You can create several lanyard designs in a short time. It does not matter whether you are making it for security purposes at an event, promotional, or for fun. By just taking a few minutes, you can create your own customized lanyards designs with colors of your choice, texts, attachments, and logos.

Step 1: Custom lanyards designs

1a.) Provide the image of lanyard in JPEG, AI, EPS, PDF, or PNG format.

1b.) If you have a printing logo, please provide a high-quality picture for a better-printed lanyard.

1c.)  Both lanyard Color and custom logo match Pantone color chart.

Step 2. Choose the lanyard material and style.

Jacquard lanyards

Tubular lanyard

Nylon material

Polyster material

Step 3. Choose the size:

There are some standard sizes you can choose from:

The most commonly used width sizes: 5mm, 9mm, 15mm, 20mm, 25mm

Length are 30 inches, 36 inches, and 42 inches. Anyway, customize size is acceptable.

width measure

Step 4. Choose Lanyard Stitch Style

Step 5. Choose the proper attachment for proper use.

How to design lanyards?

There are two ways:

a.)  Sketch your design on paper. You just need a pen and paper, and sketch the design of the lanyard. then upload the file, we will be glad to make professional artwork for your for free.

b.) Using Ai, VECRT, INKSCAPE or any other drawing software to make lanyard designs.

How to choose an accessory for my personalized lanyards?

We have a vast array of lanyard accessories that our customer can choose. So you can select the best lanyard accessories for proper use.  These items complement aan additional functionality to your customized lanyard. and they are designed to make your lanyard easy to access for meetings, conventions, and sports event. What is mor, adding some of the accessories mentioned here to your lanyard will enhance its usefulness. Here are some common use accessories as follows:

  • Metal bulldog clip
  • Swivel hook
  • Safety breakaway clips
  • Split ring
  • Lobster claw
  • Carabiner
  • Plastic canteen clips
  • Buckle attachment
  • Phone strap attachments
  • Id cardholders (badge holder, leather holder)

Lobster Clip

oval hook

Oval hook

metal Bulldog clip

Metal bulldog clip

swivel hook

J swivel hook

split ring

Split Ring

badge reel

Metal badge reel

pull reel

Plastic badge reel

bulldog clip

Bulldog clip

carabiner bottle opener

Carabiner bottle opener

carabiner bottle opener

Carabiner bottle opener



metal safety buckle

Metal safety buckle

breakaway buckle

Safety buckle

phone strap

Phone strap

Plastic canteen clips

Plastic canteen clips

card holder

Plastic Card holder

Plastic Card holder

Leather Card holder

Leather Card holder

PVC Card holder

Where to use a lanyard?

Lanyards are widely used on festivals, weddings, elections, party, advertisement, promotional, id holders, and so on. Custom lanyard strings are essential advertising tools because they are less costly and practical. With understanding the purpose and use of  various types of lanyards will help you choose the right lanyard. Some of the places where lanyards are commonly used are as follows.

Trade show lanyard:

The most suitable lanyards for this event are the Id holders lanyards.

The main aim is for identification purposes like you can attach a name or badge. ID badge lanyard is a powerful and useful way to make business, and employees’ identity visible.

School lanyards 

The suitable accessories for school lanyards are safety breakaway clips, metal bulldog clips,  and swivel hook. Anyway, Sometimes, the lanyards keys and name badge lanyards are ideal options.

Event and party lanyards

Employee lanyards:

Employee lanyards are used for recognition, and Id cardholder and pull reel are the most suitable accessories.

Sunflower lanyard:

The appropriate lanyards to use are lobster claw and metal bull clip. Sunflower lanyards are used by people with disabilities to create awareness. What is more it  show people around some has a hidden disability in public place.

Lanyards for keys:

Just because you don’t have pockets does not mean you cannot carry keys. You can use a hook attachment, to hang keys around your neck. The familiar people who use this lanyard are the church administrators

Fashion lanyards:

A lot is going on in the fashion industry nowadays. Not only nylon cords, buy also beaded jeweled lanyards have brought lanyards into the world of fashion.

Cellphone lanyards:

mobile phone can be attached with a lanyard to avoid losing your  phone

Eyeglass lanyards:

You can use this eyeglass lanyard to carry your sunglasses to protect them from getting lost.

Sports Lanyards:

In sporting events, sport lanyard will make sure you never lose your whistle, especially when the game is playing.

Retractable lanyards for outdoor activities:

When having activities like camping, running, and hiking, you can use a lanyard to attach water bottles, maps, penknives, and other gadgets.

ID badge lanyards :

The kind of lanyards are essential in many occasions, such as government, hospital, trade show, and event and convert places.

Lanyards for Music concerts:

The lanyards usually use for VIP backstage passes. With a quick flash of their ID badge, they can go to these secure areas, and a lanyard around the neck makes it easy and convenient.

Wallets lanyards:

You can attach a lanyard on your wallet to protect it from loss or theft.

Custom keychain lanyard

As you see, lanyards are becoming a common sight to see everywhere being used by organizations, business, and people in general. The primary purposes for using lanyards are for identification, safety, and self-expression, creating awareness and keeping things handy.

Nevertheless, when you choose to use your lanyard, make sure you have safety in mind. Lanyards that are too long can become entangled so if you find yourself using lanyards around moving parts, think about a strangle free breakaway lanyard