silver tie clip

70th anniversary silver tie bar

Key features

  • Color: Gold and Silver
  • Size: 60*6mm
  • Package: Jewelry box
  • Usage: corporate tie clip, wedding tie bar, business gifts.
  • Stock available

Tie clips have a diverse use. You can incorporate it into your wedding look, work life and give it as a gift especially if you are in an office setting.

Diamond tie bar will be your new favorite collar-accessory. With its unique shape design, this metal tie bar can be used for both young and older gentlemen when it comes to modern minimalism.

Custom design your own tie clip with the numbers and letters of your choice. We will mass produce it and send it your way in no time at all.

“Pictures are for reference ONLY, NOT for resale”.

How to wear a tie clip?

It is an easy thing. Just remember tie clip placement should be located between the third and fourth buttons of your dress shirt.

Stainless steel wedding tie bar diamond necktie

Please do it as below:

stainless steel wedding tie bar diamond necktie