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About Customize Metal Car Emblems Features & Benefits

Features Of Automotive Emblems

Car emblems are the special symbols or badges you see on cars. they are made of metal or plastic, do not break easily. Emblems can be 2D and 3D design. with bolts and screws OR adhesive. it is quite easy to stick on the vehicles.

Benefits Of Automotive Emblems

Car emblems boost brand recognition and loyalty, adding style. They can raise resale value, showing care. Enthusiasts use them for personal touch, some with historical meaning, honoring the brand. Widely used in clubs, trucks, and motor groups.

We manufacture the HIGHEST quality car emblem with the die casting process. Sturdy, Shiny, Durable, Fine workmanship, NEVER-rusting. Custom design, with 15-18 days turnaround.

Welcome to the auto car dealer to customize your own vehicle logos to advertise your brand. We are able to turn any motor company logo into car badges.

Professional Maker For Kinds Of Car Emblems

We produce kinds of metal car emblems. We make lion car emblems with adhesive, winged emblems on cars, masonic emblems, truck emblems. and many more.

  • Proceeding with prior zinc alloy material, it is flexible to any design car badge
  • Design: 2D and 3D designs are OK.
  • Finish: It can be Chrome/ Gold/ Nickle plating and more.
  • Color: Bright enamel color makes auto emblems impressive. In addition, you can make 3D designs without any color.
  • MOQ: 100pcs/Design
  • Package: Individual poly bag packing.
  • Multi-purpose use: Cars, Jeep, Trucks, Motorcycles, Bicycles, Boats, sports car clubs
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What Are Accessories For Car Emblems?

There are two kinds of accessories to apply the metal car emblems to your motor vehicles.

custom car emblems-Bolts and Screw

Bolts and Screw.

Usually, It needs 2 bolts and screws to fasten. It is the strongest way to install on your vehicle, life-long lasting, which is used in many motors

3M Adhesive

It is the BEST adhesive. Waterproof, instant, Light, no shrinkage, no rust, Durable. On the condition of there is NO hole in the body of the vehicle for bolts, 3M adhesive is the best replacement. It can be placed on any flat surface. However, it is NOT reusable when you take off the auto emblems.

3M adhesive

How To Order Custom Car Badges?

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Like many custom items, car emblem price is based on the material, plating color, craft. For each custom design, it needs to set up mold, and the mold fee is around $100-200/design. Exw-price: $4.99-$1.99 per piece.

Total cost= Unit price*quantity+Mold fee +shipping fee. And there is NO hidden fee.

Kindly send us the design, we will calculate the price for you FOR FREE.

Please Follow Up The 3 steps:

  1. Wipe out the vehicle surface and dry it.
  2. Peel out the Adhesive coating.
  3. Place the automobile emblems in a suitable place, and press it to vehicle.

If the car emblems are fixed by Bolts and screws, you can remove it with mechanic tools easily.

Please do as follows when the custom badges are attached by 3M adhesive.

1: Hot Water. Pour hot water into the vehicle logos, and make the glue soft.

2: Spray adhesive remover on the badges from 4 sides.

3: Remove the badge with floss.

4: Clear the remaining adhesive.

We use 3M Adhesive, and 3M Adhesive is the BEST. It is sturdy and lasts long. popular in the Motor Industry

A decal is typically made from thin, flexible materials like vinyl or paper. It is commonly used for temporary or semi-permanent applications and is flat, featuring various printed designs. However, decals are less durable and can be affected by environmental factors.

An emblem is constructed from durable materials like metal or plastic, making it suitable for permanent or long-lasting applications. It has a three-dimensional, solid appearance and is specifically designed to withstand various environmental conditions.

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