Knowing about custom patches

Custom embroidery patches, nowadays, is regarded as a kind of fashion, It is widely use in many occasion, For example, you can sew on your clothes, bag, or DIY, simple to use and impressive.

How to measure the size?

Custom iron-on patches can be customized in any shape, for example, round, triangle, rectangle, badge and more. When proceeding the irregular shape emblem, knowing how to measure the size is vital. Usually, We measure the width and length at the maximum size from top to bottom, or from left to right.


Why Choose Perfect Crafts and Gifts?

Low MOQ | Custom Design | Fast Turnaround

embroidery patchesAt Perfect Crafts and Gifts, you can enjoy high-quality embroidery patches at modest price with extraordinary service.

We guarantee high quality patches at source.

Using high quality embroidery thread, bright color, NO fading, NOT break down easily.

embroidery machineProceeding with the most advanced embroidery machine.

Guarantee the stitches neat, the embroidery patches come out full and glossy.

All stitches are accurate. It can make the detail clear, even 3mm letter can be embroidered clearly.

plastic backingHeat-pressed glue machine. Adding plastic backing on patches.

Laser cut machine

Laser-cut machine can cut out border with high-efficiency in a neat way.

Customer service: You will enjoy extraordinary service throughout the order. Before ordering, our sales will guide you to make the perfect products in your dream. What is more important, when you receive the products, if there is any quality problem on our sides, we will remake for you FOR FREE. You do not need to worry about after-sales customer service.

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