June 2020

A Beginner’s Guide to Custom PVC Patches

2020-07-07T02:58:45+00:00June 10th, 2020|News, Pvc blog|

A Beginner's Guide to Custom PVC Patches PVC patches are quietly becoming a hot item in the world of apparel adornment. Everyone knows what a clothing patch is, we usually identify them as colorful embroidered squares or circles with an image or words on them that sew or iron on to clothing. A PVC [...]

May 2020

What is the Silver Star?  

2020-07-06T06:48:58+00:00May 7th, 2020|medals, News|

What is the Silver Star?   US Armed Forces earn the Silver Star medal for acts of Gallantry. Gallantry means “dashing courage” and “noble-minded behavior.” In this context, it means “bravery and exceptional service under fire.” Civilians may also earn the medal in exceptional circumstances. The Silver Star is a step up from the [...]

April 2020

What is a Bronze Star?: Everything You Need to Know

2020-07-06T06:49:10+00:00April 20th, 2020|medals, News|

What is a Bronze Star?: Everything You Need to Know What is a Bronze Star? Members of the United States Armed Forces who perform a heroic act, achievement, or service often receive the Bronze Star Medal. The medal was first an idea of Colonel Russell P. Reeder’s, and Franklin D. Roosevelt authorized it on [...]

September 2019

Custom fiesta medals in fiesta online store

2020-07-06T06:45:31+00:00September 20th, 2019|medals, News|

Custom fiesta medals in fiesta online store Introduction Fiesta medals stand out in every Fiesta festival as they signify the region’s pride. From children to oldies, everybody has their own style and preference for wearing these cool medals. People show love for these medals by wearing them on sashes, hats, and outfits. And many [...]

August 2019

Wholesale custom lanyards

2020-07-06T18:07:54+00:00August 12th, 2019|Lanyards, News|

Custom lanyards Custom lanyards are every day and fun giveaways,  and there are various organizations, associations, and business use at trade shows and corporate events all over the world. Personalized lanyards can be joined with badge holders, badge reels, key rings, and other attachments to fit the unique needs of an organization, government agencies, [...]

July 2019

What is dual plating?

2020-07-05T18:26:28+00:00July 16th, 2019|coins, News|

What is Dual Plating? Dual plating means that a badge or challenge coin with two-tone finishes. In simple words, dual platings mean that there are two different metallic colors on the surface of a product. For example, The most common two-tone finish is gold plating and nickel plating. Other popular plating options include black [...]

How to make custom medals online | The Ultimate Guide

2020-07-06T18:10:26+00:00July 11th, 2019|medals, News|

How to make custom medals online | The Ultimate Guide When you need a custom medal made, use this guide to walk you through the process of having custom medals online designed and made. 1. Provide a medal design as a JPEG, PNG, Ai, PSD, and PDF file. The simplest way is sending in a sketch [...]

June 2019

What is a challenge coin?

2020-07-05T18:26:22+00:00June 19th, 2019|coins, News|

What is a challenge coin? Introduction The military has a long-standing tradition of using custom challenge coins to commemorate special occasions and reward exceptional actions. Military challenge coin initially keeps by members of the armed forces, law enforcement officers and so on. They are award to notable people like military personnel, veterans, or the [...]

May 2019

How to make embroidered patches?

2020-07-06T10:19:18+00:00May 5th, 2019|News, Patches|

How to make embroidered patches? When it comes to clothing customization, embroidery patches are often one of the easiest ways to make your garment stand cut among others. They can be fully personalized and made to suit an individual's needs. They are durable and keep their shape well after being placed on fabric of [...]

April 2019

February 2019

January 2019

1min get the difference between hard enamel and soft enamel

2020-07-05T15:29:30+00:00January 25th, 2019|lepel pin, News|

Hard enamel pin VS soft enamel badge Custom hard enamel pin and soft enamel pins are very common fashion accessories in our daily life. We can use it wide, such as advertising gifts, marketing, school, sports clubs and many more. Today, let’s take lapel pins as examples to talk about the difference between hard [...]

August 2016

How to make lapel pins?

2020-07-05T15:29:38+00:00August 22nd, 2016|lepel pin, News|

How to make lapel pins? Custom lapel pins are one of the most popular accessories. What is more important, they are suitable for almost any occasions, For instance, Awards pins Recognition/membership pin Convention trading pins Religious pins Awareness ribbon lapel pins Badge holder lapel pins School subject lapel pins Sport lapel pins Mascot lapel [...]

How to match products colors?

2019-04-11T08:25:58+00:00August 22nd, 2016|News|

How to match products color? Regarding the products colors, including metal products (lapel pins, medals, coins keychains and so on), PVC products, and Silicone Wristband. We refer to international Pantone color. When you submit the design, Please inform the Pantone Color Number if you have a specific color. If not, We will match the [...]

July 2016

Lapel pins packages option

2019-04-28T17:08:16+00:00July 13th, 2016|News|

Lapel pins packages option Flexible package ways for lapel pins, coins, keychains and medals, when they are used in different occasions. For example, as school awards, as premiums, as souvenir, or as promotional gifts. We are able to recommend  the suitable package for you to make the products to be a perfect solution. Here are some options for [...]

Lapel pins and keychains attachment

2020-07-05T15:29:22+00:00July 13th, 2016|lepel pin, News|

Lapel pins keychains attachment To make the lapel pin and keychain be a good decoration, we supply hundreds of attachment to make it possible. Lapel pins attachment available: Butterfly clutches, rubber hat, strong magnets, 3M adhesives,screw, English pin and safety pins. in different metallic color finish.  It can help attach the lapel pin in you collar, hat, bag, fridge and [...]

Plating Color Options

2020-07-13T03:54:47+00:00July 13th, 2016|coins, lepel pin, medals, News|

Plating color options What is Plating? Plating, called Electroplating, which refers to the color finish on a metal surface. It can accomplish any metal color finish on one specific metal. and It is an essential process in Metal Crafts. ElectroPlating colors mainly include: Gold Plating Silver Plating Nickel Plating Copper Plating Brass Plating Chrome [...]