What is Dual Plating?

Dual plating means that a badge or challenge coin with two-tone finishes.

In simple words, dual platings mean that there are two different metallic colors on the surface of a product. For example, The most common two-tone finish is gold plating and nickel plating. Other popular plating options include black nickel and gold combination, antique bronze, and Nickle finish combination. Compared to single-color plating, Police Badges in dual plating look finer and more etiquette.

You may need to know What is Plating first?

The dual plate finish is suitable for 2D/3D/full-dimensional products. The very common products with dual plating are some awards and gifts like custom badges, commemorative coins, belt buckles, key chains, etc.

In conventional products, there is one metallic color only.  such as gold plating, nickel-plated, copper finish, etc. A single metal finish product needs to be plated only once, while dual-plated products need to be plated twice.

How to produce the Dual plated challenge coins?

Taking custom commemorative coins as examples. Below the US police challenge coin is with antique gold and antique nickel finish combination.

Here is the simplified process of dual plating as below:

Step 1. Process a copper plating first. It is a base plating.

Step 2. Go with antique nickel plating.

Step 3. Put on a layer of protective color, cover the nickel-colored part of the product to avoid the color to fade during the second plating.

Step 4. Make the challenge coins dry. Then, the second gold plating can be done.

Step 5. Plate the antique gold.

dual plating badges

How to order dual plating products?

Step 1: Send Inquiry

When inquiry, send us the design, size, color, quantity, and plating colors (metal finish)

Step 2: Confirm Artwork Design 

On the Artwork, we will mark the size, color, plating color, attachment, and all the details for approval.

Step 3: Arrange production 

dual plating badges
dual plating badges

Regarding the price of two-tone products, as the dual plated cost is much expensive than the single plated products, and the defective rate is high, so the price of dual plated products is generally higher.

If you would like to make a memorable product for some military department or any important dual plated commemorative coins design, Don’t hesitate to contact us by [email protected]

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