How to Wear Fiesta Medals: The Definitive Guide to the Ultimate Fiesta

how to wear fiesta medals

how to wear fiesta medals

Will you be wearing several fiesta medals this year? Or are you simply looking for the best way to carry a fiesta medal? In that case, you are in the right place. Here, we’ve mentioned some important tips to make sure that your medals stand out.

How to Wear Fiesta Medals?

There are two major factors that you need to consider before you choose a fiesta medal.

Start Planning Your Fiesta Outfit for 2022 Now

If you are thinking about how to wear a fiesta medal, you need to start planning your outfit. Your fiesta outfit should be something that stands out, even from a distance. Of course, your outfit should be inspired by the fiesta festival, but it needs to have a place where you can hang your medal. So, avoid overdoing it so that it doesn’t take attention away from your medal.

Pin Fiesta Medal at an Angle on Your Sash

Many people don’t think about how they’ll pin their fiesta medal. Usually, they end up pinning it anywhere because they’re in a rush. But if you want your medal to be the highlight of your outfit, try to pin fiesta medals at an angle on your sash. This will keep them in one place and make it easy for others to see them.

The Perfect Fiesta Outfit for Every Event

Here are a few more tips to learn how to wear fiesta medals.

Go Bold and Colorful at Fiesta

The Fiesta is all about colors and fun. So, opt for an outfit with a bold look and plenty of colors. Mix and match fiery reds, striking oranges, vibrant yellows, and other similar colors. Also, if you plan to wear accessories, keep them colorful too. In fact, you‘re shoes are a great way to give your look a pop of color.

Balance Your Sash Front and Back

Your sash needs to be balanced from the front and back. Sashes that are fall towards the front or back will give you a disheveled look. Also, if you pin a medal to your sash, the medal will end up looking out of place. So, to make sure your medal stays put and doesn’t affect your appearance, your sash has to stay in place too.

Use Safety Pins to Protect Your Favorite Medals

Medals have a high risk of falling, so it’s important that you pin them with quality safety pins so that they don’t move out of place or fall without you knowing.

Place Ribbons under the Fiesta Medals in the Above Rows

Do you have several fiesta medals and want to show off all of them at the festival? If so, this tip is for you. If you have several medals to pin, pin the second row of medals at the bottom of the first one, pinning each bottom one where the top one ends. This is an effective technique to pin plenty of medals on your sash.

Bottom Line

While many people don’t care about pinning fiesta medals in the right place, it’s important to consider tips on how to wear fiesta medals. This not only allows you to show off your medals but also prevents your favorite medals from falling.

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