How to Make the Best Fiesta Medals: From Design to Production

Wondering how to make fiesta medals? What strategies you should practice to get your desired end results? In that case, you are in the right place. Here, we have mentioned all the important aspects of the fiesta medal that you need to learn to make an informed decision.

What are Fiesta Medals?

The origin of fiesta medals can be traced back to 1946 when King Antonio made it custom to give coins to children at different events. But the first medal, which is now considered the fiesta medal, was given by King Antonio XLIX in 1971.

These medals have evolved from coins. Today, they feature unique figures and emblems attached to colorful ribbons. Also, Fiesta medals are made every year to celebrate Fiesta San Antonio. Schools, companies, and nonprofit organizations love to sell or give away fiesta medals as a way to celebrate the festivities.

Fiesta Medals Categories

fiesta medals categories


Fiesta medals come in several designs and are made using different materials, so they look unique and appealing. You can find medals with logos and text. In fact, many fiesta medals come with cartoon characters and popular celebrities. As for materials, they usually feature ribbons, danglers, and a header bar. Fiesta medals are also made with different materials like epoxy and metals. If you’re looking to sport a unique look at this fiesta, you can create a fiesta medal based on your interests and preferences.

So, before we get on to how you can make fiesta medals, here are some of the most common categories of fiesta medals to choose from.

Offset Printed Fiesta Medals

printed medals

printed medals

As the name suggests, offset printed medals require ink to print designs on the metal. These designs are based on different themes like football, dessert, the fiesta festival, or a character. Once the design is made, the manufacturer covers it with epoxy to prevent discoloration.

These types of medals are easy to create and require less time to make. It’s why they cost you less than other types of medals. The offset printing process is ideal for designs with intricate details, as other processes don’t offer the same level of detail.

Soft Enamel with Epoxy Dome fiesta medal

Soft Enamel with Epoxy Dome fiesta medal

Soft Enamel with Epoxy Dome

These medals have an enamel composition and metal backing. The manufacturer uses metal and creates a design on its using enamel. The enamel used for the medal adds a pop of color, which really improves the design. Once the design is ready, manufacturers add an epoxy dome on top for an enhanced look and to protect the medal.

The epoxy dome provides durability to the medal and creates a smoother finish. Since standard enamel medals have recessed edges, medals with epoxy dome solve this issue. Soft enamel with an epoxy dome has less noticeable edges and a far better look than others.

Spinner Fiesta Medal

Spinner Fiesta Medal

Spinner Fiesta Medals

Spinner medals have a kinetic feature to them. Manufacturers create these medals in different ways. Generally, a medal has two or more parts made from metal that is attached together, allowing them to move or spin.

These medals may have simple designs, but they look different due to their ability to move.

Slider Medals

Slider medals are made from pure metal. Usually, the metal is carved to create different designs. Manufacturers can add a few colorful elements to create your desired look.

They usually come with a holder where you can add a ribbon to hang around your neck.

Fiesta Medal Guide: Design

As for the question, ‘how to make fiesta medals,’ you need to think about the design, first. Your fiesta medal should be something that helps you connect with the people who will receive it. Though adding a logo and name to a fiesta medal is a common practice, you need to create a design that interests people. Here are some design options that you can choose for your fiesta medal 2022.


We all have several memories that are dear to us. Adding aspects of these memorable moments to your medal will help you build a relationship with others. Though you can’t create different medals for everyone, you can opt for something that everyone can relate to. Hence, offering medals to people during the festival is sure to bring back lots of memories.

For instance, it’s likely that older adults have plenty of childhood memories of an old movie. You can pick any popular 19thcentury movie and create a medal based on it. People will surely love your medal and feel good to see how you helped them to remember their childhood.

Global Trends

You can also design a medal according to global trends. These types of medals easily gain popularity during a fiesta. By global trends, we mean that you should check out the entertainment or lifestyle news to pick something largely discussed worldwide. Then, consider that particular thing to design a medal.

Let’s suppose a popular musician has created a new music video that has gone viral on the internet; you can create a medal based on it. You can add a line of the song on the fiesta medal or design it, so it features the singer’s face.

Community Culture

Another popular fiesta medal design is based on the community and culture. San Antonio’s culture is unique and inspiring. We have different ways of living, unique personalities, and different perspectives. Also, we have a long list of different cultural things that set us apart from others.

You can opt for fiesta medals representing San Antonio’s culture and community. You can show people’s festivals, food items, and unique beliefs through medals.

Fiesta Medal Guide: Manufacturing Process

While the design of a fiesta medal greatly matters, its quality is something you can’t compromise on. It is no use to have a beautifully designed medal if it will break after the first use. Therefore, it’s important to learn some tips to get your desired results. Here’s how to make fiesta medals.

1. Start Early

Though it looks simple enough to choose a design, order it from a manufacturer, and get it delivered before the festival, it’s not. Fiesta medals are made either in USA or China. Companies looking for quality medals give their orders to manufacturers many months before the festival is due. The closer you get to the festival, the more likely it is that credible manufacturers will refuse to take your order. If you don’t want to compromise on quality and design, then plan early and give orders a couple of months before the festival.

2. Choose the Right Ribbons

Opt for thick and durable ribbons to avoid wear and tear after a few uses. Most people want to collect fiesta medals and wear them every year. If the ribbon is of poor quality, threads will start to come out from, and the ribbon will lose its appeal.

3. Opt for Quality Metal

Metal quality will decide upon the life expectancy of your medal. Of course, your metal needs to be durable enough to stay in good condition for a couple of years. Therefore, choose a credible company that can offer medals with pure metal composition.

4. Types of Plating for Fiesta Medals

Here are a few types of plating that you can choose for your fiesta medals.

Polished Gold

Choosing this metal will give your medal a polished appearance. It’s a durable metal that can resist wear and tear.


This type of plating offers an antique look. You can choose this metal for medals that represent the history of San Antonio.

Sprayed Plating

In this type of plating, you can change the colors of the metal. You can opt for different colors to spray onto the medal, such as white, blue, and red.


This is multi-colored plating that gives your medal a rainbow effect. This plating is best to create colorful designs on the medal.

5. Ribbon Attachment

When choosing the design and materials for your medal, you also need to think about the ribbons. Ribbons connect with the medal to prevent it from falling. If you want to sell fiesta medals, you need to make sure to offer a complete medal with complimenting ribbon.

You also need to choose a quality ribbon with excellent thickness to prevent it from damage and tears. Note that poor quality ribbons will impact the impression of your company. Of course, no one wants to purchase a low-quality medal that breaks after the first use.

6. The Finish: The Pros and Cons of Epoxy

Finally, you need to consider is whether to choose an epoxy layer for the medal or not. But this decision greatly depends on your preferences and the design you choose. If you opt for epoxy, you will get a medal with smooth finishing. However, coating the medal with epoxy makes it difficult for people to assess the quality of the metal.

Some people also believe that companies use epoxy to cover up poor-quality metal. Nevertheless, epoxy medals are quite popular, and while many people are against them, you can find several people who want to purchase soft medals made from epoxy. So, if you love epoxy-made fiesta medals, then this is an ideal option for you.

Bottom Line

Now that you know how to make fiesta medals, consider all the aspects mentioned above to get your desired results.

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