5 Fiesta Medal Ideas in 2022

Custom Fiesta Medals with Ribbon Drape

Custom Fiesta Medals with Ribbon Drape

Looking for fiesta medal 2022 ideas? Everyone wants to look their best at the Fiesta, and what better way to do that than by putting on a few fantastic medals?

5 Best Fiesta Medals Ideas 2022

Fiesta medals have gone through numerous changes over the years, but some updates truly stand out among the rest. While it’s true that each upgrade has led to medals coming with a bigger price tag, people love the variations of the traditional fiesta medal. Also, the modern designs of the fiesta medal add to its functionality. Here are a few amazing fiesta medal 2022 ideas that you can choose.

Fiesta Medals + dangler

Fiesta Medals with danglers

Fiesta Medals with danglers

The simplest and easiest way to increase the impact of your medal is by adding more metal. But you’re probably wondering, ‘won’t it look bizarre to add more metal to a medal?’ It turns out that adding dangler to your medals can help increase the metal without affecting the overall appearance of your medal. In fact, fiesta medals with danglers look more classy and appealing than other standard medals.

Fiesta medals are one of the most sought-after medals. People choose them because they have a greater visual impact and appeal. Some of the latest designs look unique thanks to a 3D-type look.

Dangler enhances the look of any medal. They also give you an opportunity to add more details to your outfit. For instance, you can add your company logo, the year of the medal, or your sponsor’s name. Or, you can add a character instead of information to make it look more interesting.

Spinner Fiesta Medal

This is another great idea for the fiesta medal. For an innovative-looking medal, consider adding a kinetic feature to the fiesta medal, like a spinner. These features allow medals to move, making them fun to wear. Spinner fiesta medals are a common choice for people of all ages.

Note that fiesta medal collectors look for medals with an exciting appearance. Hence, they look for medals with toy-like features as opposed to a more serious look. This is the reason fiesta medals have had significant upgrades in recent years, such as lights and sounds. A spinner fiesta medal is an ideal option for you if you are looking for a completely unique option. If you’re looking to give a medal to a friend, this one is sure to make them feel special.

Header Bar with Ribbon

custom fiesta medals with head bar

custom fiesta medals with head bar

If you’re looking for a beautiful fiesta medal to wear at the festival, you can opt for the header bar with ribbon. Ribbon fiesta medals have a classy flair that’s hard to achieve with a traditional medal. They also look more like military decorations. People who prefer traditional medals can opt for these.

If you want a unique header bar with ribbon, creating your own design is one way to do so. You can choose from different types of ribbons and colors. You can decide these aspects based on the overall look, and make sure to choose the color of the ribbon that complements the medals.

When it comes to the header bar, you can add multiple header bars on the ribbon. Write your company’s name or sponsor’s name on each bar. You can also write the type of medal on the header bar. Besides that, if you want to keep things simple, you can just incorporate a single header bar in the middle. Also, make sure it says something that adds value to your medal. Note that a single header bar without anything written on it doesn’t give you the appealing factor you are looking for.

2D Iron Medal Single Piece

2D Iron Medal one Piece

2D Iron Medal one Piece

2D iron medal single pieces are also an incredible option for you. These medals are relatively new and greatly popular among people. As the name suggests, these medals have a 2D look. It has a design on one side of the medal and is flat on the other side. But the design present on the upper side is engraved in a way to look like it’s carved.

These types of medals allow you to create a great number of designs. Based on your audience, you can carve characters, shapes, logos, and other things. You can even add names by engraving them onto the medal. Generally, they are big enough to make the design visible to viewers. If you are creative, you can add different designs and styles to it.

The back of these medals is flat, so they stay in place when you hang them. Generally, these medals have a simple look, but you can add danglers or ribbons to improve the look and appearance.

Slider Medal

Some people want to hang medals on their desired ribbon or chain. Slider medals give them the opportunity to do that by giving an empty hole or lever to attach the ribbon to it. Slider medals are quite common and are easy to find on the market.

These medals are eye-catching and have a charismatic look because they usually come with carvings. Based on the age group and type of people you want to give the medal to, you can opt for flowers, characters, messages, plants, and other things.

Since these medals are made from pure metal, they usually don’t have any color. But if you prefer them, you can opt for slider medals with a few colorful elements.

Where can you buy Fiesta Medals 2022?

So, now that you have a few ideas for fiesta medals, you’re probably wondering where you can find these medals. Well, there are several companies working in the United States and China that can offer thoughtfully designed fiesta medals. Continue reading to learn about the best companies for fiesta medals 2022.

Perfect Crafts and Gifts

They are based in china and offer a wide variety of products. From challenge coins to medals, you can purchase several things at a good price. They have an impressive range of medals that you can purchase. You can find wrestling engraved medals, custom bottle opener medals, soccer ball medals, honor medals, etc.

They have different categories of medals to choose from, such as custom-made support medals, custom academy awards, custom award medals, and custom fiesta medals. Needless to say, custom fiesta medals are very colorful and catchy.

Monarch Trophy 

This is a USA-based supplier and offers an extensive lineup of products. You can choose medals by category or search for medals by sports teams. But more importantly, they have an incredible range of fiesta medals.

Monarch Trophy offers high-quality fiesta medals with ribbons. The ribbons give them a traditional feel, while the medal itself comes in modern designs. Each medal has a different price tag, so make sure to check the prices.

Celebrate Excellence

If you are looking for the highest quality materials, this brand is a good choice for you. If you go the site, you’ll see a separate section for medals. Celebrate Excellence offers super colorful and artistic medals that are perfect if you’re looking for medals with a toy-like look.

You can find corporate, military, church, non-profit, bar and restaurant, sports, and school medals. All these medals come in various colors and fall within different price ranges.

Crown Awards

If you are on a budget, but looking for the highest quality medals, then this is an ideal option for you. They have different price ranges so that people with all sorts of budgets can get a good deal. Crown Awards offers medals for chess, basketball, bowling, football, and other sports.

Since they have a great number of medals on their website, you will need time to choose the right option for you. But the best part of buying from them is that they offer medals for people with all kinds of interests.


People who want to purchase medals, as well as other fiesta medal accessories like fiesta sash, can head over to Saflavor.com. It’s a US-based company that is perfect for anyone looking for multiple options.

The best part is that they have a special lineup of fiesta medals 2022. So, if you want your shiny new medal to say 2022, opt for this company.

How much does it Cost to Make Fiesta Medals?

Well, there is no definite cost of fiesta medals. Every type of fiesta medal has a different price. However, keep in mind that medals with more metal in them have a higher price. Also, the level of detail on your fiesta medal decides its price. Lastly, the size of the medal will influence its price. So, for your fiesta medals 2022, make sure to consider all the features before deciding on one.

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Bottom Line

Now that you know about trending fiesta medals 2022 and where to buy them, it’s time to decide. Just make up your mind about the type of fiesta medal you want. Also, consider your budget before making a decision.

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