Project Description

Kiss pom pom bag hanger sexy lip keychain

Rhinestone lip kiss +8cm dia Pompo

Colorful pompom ball

Usage: Fashion bag hanger pom pom charm at gifts store


Product Introduction

2019 hot sell gifts for girls, colorful pompom charm handbag hanger “Kiss me” key ring. You can put it along with your car key and bag.

This is the ideal key chain, bag hanger, or phone case accessory for the people in love or looking for love. It will also make for a fun addition to your Halloween getup or you can order a bunch and gift these to your friends.

For certain businesses, these will also make for excellent promotional gifts.

Kiss pom pom bag hanger sex lip keychain

What is more, We supply faux fur pompom, in 7cm Dia, 8cm Dia, 9cm Dia, 10cm  Dia, 12cm Dia, 15cm Dia.  You can choose any color you want.

Kiss pom pom bag hanger sex lip keychain