How to make a custom enamel pin?

Today, I am going to talk about how to make custom enamel pins. And how to order with Chinese suppliers. There must be something you’ve never heard of.  On daily work, I usually get some emails about some enamel pin questions:

  1. How to make enamel pins?
  2. Is my design good to make lapel pins?
  3. What is your minimum order quantity? Can I make 1 piece?
  4. What is the price of a lapel pin?
  5. How do I make a payment? Do you accept PayPal?

And there are many more questions similar to these. I split these questions into two parts:

  1. Part 1: How to make enamel pins?
  2. Part 2 How to order from China supplier?

How to make custom enamel pins?

OK, let’s get started with Part ONE: regarding how to make enamel pins, we refer to

  • Design
  • Size
  • Cut out & Recessed metal
  • Border
  • Color
  • Backstamp


First, let’s talk about the design, Usually, there are mainly 3 ways to make enamel pins:

  1. Turn the design or your logo into a lapel pin directly.
  2. If you are a designer, you can work out your design with Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop, or other digital design software.
  3. If you are NOT a designer, nor have any good design, just have an idea in your mind. the simplest way is to draw your idea in the paper. Like the below. Please send the draft to your supplier and tell them your requirement, they will help you with the design.

As you see, custom enamel pins can be different designs, but NOT all designs can be turned into lapel pins. A good design can be complicated or simple, but it should be with clear color areas, no shadow, no gradual color change, no tiny details. Here are some examples to teach you which designs are good to go, while which are NOT.  Please see the below examples.

Custom enamel pin design examples

custom enamel pins-2

The first design is rugby, the design is fine. It is good to go

The second is the milk bottle, the design is good to go too. Just the texts on the cover need to be removed

The third is the boy group. There are some tiny details on their jackets, the details need to be simplified.

The fourth is the cat. The cat design looks good, anyway, the gradual color changes and many small details on the leaves and around flowers are not allowed in the enamel process.

The fifth is a boy, the design is very good

The sixth, the design is not good to go. Because there are gradual colors change and there are whites dots too small to fill enamel color, so it needs to be simplified

Let’s take the cat design as an example, it is the customer’s original design. The design is cool. But as you can see, there are gradual color changes on the ears, eyes and face, the gradual color-changed can not be achieved in an enamel pin. and the lines around flowers need to be simplified too. After discussing with the customer, we simplified some details, here is the final artwork, comparing to the original design, you can see, we removed the gradual color change on the ears, flowers, eyes, and face and removed the small lines on the leaves.

cat soft enamel pins


The next. Let’s talk about Border, border is a must-have in enamel pins. No matter custom hard enamel pin or custom soft enamel pin. Because enamel is liquid.  the function of the border is to separate the enamel color from one to another.

The next, let’s talk about the size, the most popular lapel pins size vary from 1”-1.75”. It depends on the design and customer preference. Custom enamel pin size is measured by their longest side. For example. Below lapel pin size is 1”,which means the lapel pin will be charged by the longest size. Anyway, there is no standard pin size. You can make the lapel pin in your preference size.

Cut out is the cut hole in the lapel pin or small areas in an irregular shape. If the area is large, it can be cut out. while If it is too small to cut out, we will make it in recessed metal. Sometimes, customer asks: So that the small gaps that are filled in don’t look awkward on its own?


In fact, the recessed/raised won’t be awkward. It is just a very tiny metal area like the samples.

custom hard enamel pins

Let’s take the dog design for example. The left is the customer’s original design, here. you can see there is a small cut out between two legs. But in actual production. The hole is too small to cut out. So we make it raised metal, like this. the right picture is the final product picture.


About Backstamp. Backstamp is a raised metal logo on the backside of the lapel pin, it is a good way to advertise. There are many pin sellers and brands to have a back stamp logo on their pin. It needs an extra  $20 setup fee for the back stamp. It does NOT make difference in prices.

That is all for part one, let’s come to part two. How to order with the Chinese supplier. I am sure many of you must be interested in this part. China is the main source of enamel pins.

Part 2: How to order with the Chinese supplier?

When the first time you order from China, you may have some concerns or questions before you order. something like.

  • How to order with them?
  • Can they speak English?
  • Are they Reliable?
  • What is the Price?
  • Turnaround?
  • How do I make a payment?
  • What to do if something goes wrong or is defective?

Here. I’d like to share some experiences with you. Actually, ordering with Chinese supplier is as easy as you order on Amazon.

4 Order steps :

When you want to order from China Supplier, the first step is inquiry. please send your design, specification, and quantity to get a free quote. Usually, they will quote you price, mold fee, lead time, and payment terms.

Step 2 When you confirm the price, the supplier will work out the artwork for you. Usually, it is FREE.

Step 3. after you confirm the price and artwork, you need to make the prepayment, the supplier starts production.

Step 4: make the balance payment, the supplier arranges shipment.

It is very easy, right?


When you order from China, The most important thing is to choose a reliable professional supplier. Because professional suppliers know what a high-quality lapel pin should be. moreover, they can offer you professional advice, and help you grow your business.

According to my experience, many customers want the cheapest price, I know cheap price is important. but you know, every price has its meaning. You cannot buy a Audi at jeep price. Yes? In addition, cheap price does not mean cheap total cost. So choose a professional supplier first, then apply for a better price. The next. let’s about price, minimum order quantity and turnaround.

The average price based on 100pcs including shipping fee is $1.2-$2.0/pc based on design.

Minimum Order Quantity

About MOQ: basically, there is NO MOQ, but for any custom designs, it needs to set up mold. So it needs a mold fee. the most fee is around $50-$70 based on the design. so if you order 1pcs, which means the price is $50-70/pc. If the price is workable for you, it is fine, Or you may need to consider ordering more. If you are a pin retailer, we recommend going with 100pcs. The price will be much cost-effective.


Turnaround for 100pcs: between 10-15days, for any rush order, 7days is fine. Anway, you need to confirm with your supplier before you ordering.


Payment: you can choose to pay via Paypal or wire transfer. Either is fine for most China suppliers.

Next, let’s talk about the language barrier. When you purchase from any supplier, be sure you can talk with the sales smoothly on anything. If there is any Language barrier between you, you will run risk of mistakes on products.


About copyright, copyright is important. Many designers were concerned about it. As the designer has the copyright of their original designs. so the supplier should keep confidential for the customers. What a pity,  in Alibaba and some marketplaces, some suppliers sell lapel pins in stock of others’ designs, please ask your supplier do not do that.

How to recognize a supplier is reliable or NOT?

The last but most important thing: how to recognize a supplier is reliable or NOT. Here is my advice:

Firstly, Professional is the MOST important thing, it means reducing trouble, saving money, and bringing success to your business.

Secondly, Customer service. A good before and after-sales customer service can make your purchasing relaxing and easier. You can ask them “What to do if something goes wrong or defective.” if they can offer you a reasonable solution, it would be fine. Otherwise, you may need to consider changing to another supplier.

In the last, Should you have any questions about lapel pins, feel free to leave a message or email to , our salespeople will help you with it.

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