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Fiesta medals stand out in every Fiesta festival as they signify the region’s pride. From children to oldies, everybody has their own style and preference for wearing these cool medals. People show love for these medals by wearing them on sashes, hats, and outfits. And many of them try to collect as many medals as possible during Fiesta. This not only helps them in having those festive vibes alive but also enables them to support a special cause.

Many businesses and institutions trade them in bulk quantities either for raising awareness about their products and services or for charity. They are usually considered as ‘Party With A Purpose’, and the purpose of fiesta medals is to support non-profit organizations in the San Antonio region.

Do you have any recent favorites from the San Antonio’s fiesta medals 2019? Or, do you have some of your own personalized ideas for fiesta medals 2020? If yes, our team of experts will bring your custom medals design to life.

Types of fiesta medals to choose from

If you are still wondering what fiesta medals to opt for the next year event, here is a brief description of type of medals to choose from:

VIVA fiesta medal

1. Die struck medals

These medals, shaped in a square or rectangular form, are the simplest and most elegant of all. They are sturdy and last long because of the high-quality metal used.

spinner medal

2. Spinner medals

Spinning medals, that have the rotating capability of 360 degrees, add a fun element to your brand or message that you are promoting.

hinged medal

3. Door type medals

Just like doors, users can open and close these quirky door type medals, and view two different versions of medals in one. Being a sort of 2-in-1 medal, they can seem to be a bit expensive than others. But who would resist paying more for these exquisite medals?

swirel medal

4. Swivel medals

Swivel medals are affordable and come with a figure design that involves the to-and-fro movement of the head, arms, legs, or any other elements included in the medal.

printed fiesta medal

5. Printed medals

For adding a promotional element to your brand or company, you can print your official logo or community culture on these medals. In order to enhance the appearance, consider engraving your company’s logo in 2D, 3D, or printed versions.

About Fiesta medal designs

Businesses create customized fiesta medals for three primary purposes: to promote their brand, to raise funds for charitable purposes and to cherish to be a part of the community.

So it is OK to engrave the company logo or community culture on the medals, no matter in 2D or 3D designs. And many companies also imprint their name or the memorial date on the medal’s back.

What is more, you can add danglers to your fiesta medals by attaching a metal piece to them. Usually, danglers are attached below the medals and give promoters an additional room for displaying their message.

Raw Materials

Medals usually are made of Iron, Zinc alloy, Stainless steel, and aluminum in terms of different costs. Iron is suitable for 2D products. And for spinner medals or other complicated designs, Zinc alloy is a better choice. What is more, for printed medals, stainless steel and aluminum are the best choices.

Size and dimension

The average dimensions of fiesta medals are about 1.75” or 2”, by 2.0mm thick. However, there is no specific size that you need to stick to for designing your special medals. Select your feasible fiesta medal size, and leave everything else on our experts.


While creating unique fiesta medals, please match certain colors to Pan-tone color chart. Though there are infinite colors to choose from, every additional color added to your medal would imply more costs. So, if you are already on a tight budget, or trying to be economical, use colors wisely.

Medal surface finish

Every medal requires an excellent finishing touch for that impressive and complete look after they have been cast. The most widely used ones are dying black, shiny gold, black nickel, and shiny silver. Check the plating color chart for more.

Epoxy doming

Epoxy coating can make a transparent dome, also for protection purposes. Fiesta medals need to retain their beauty for the coming years, and that’s why it is important to with epoxy doming. It offers a smooth finishing to medals’ design but also increases their cost. But the good news is that adding epoxy to your medal is not necessarily important. There are people who say that epoxy can give the medal design a sticker-type look that makes it less visually appealing. And in its absence, the medal traders or buyers can tell that it is a real metal or not by mere touch.


ribbon drape

Fiesta medals would serve no purpose if they are not accompanied by a premium quality ribbon. After all, that is going to be a crucial element in keeping the fiesta medal closer to the user in the coming time.

The fiesta medals can be used with quirky attachments like drape ribbon giving a sleek look overall. Also, you can put them around your neck with the neck ribbons attached. Premium ribbons not only showcase high quality but are also hand-stitched on at least 2 sides of the back of the safety pin.

As these ribbons come in blank, printed, and colorful versions, you may choose to give your medals either a chic or vibrant look. You can mix-n-match your ribbon color with that of your medal, have multiple colors in one, or display your message on them for instilling more feel to medals.

Make your fiesta medals fun and shiny

Different person has a different preference when creating custom fiesta medals. While some like to stick to the standard design with minimal adornments, others like to add a unique touch so as to make their medals appear shinier and classier than the rest. If you prefer to the latter, you can make your fiesta medals sparkle by using any of these, including glitter enamel, rhinestone, dangles, spinners, and a lot more.

Glitter enamel

Glittery fiesta medals bring a big smile to anybody’s face, especially little kids. The sparkly and bling texture tends to add an oomph element to these medals, makes them attractive, and ultimately results in quicker sales.


Rhinestone give a jewelry sort of look to your fiesta medals. If you are all set to put your fiesta medals for sale in San Antonio’s Fiesta festival 2020 and have already decided on an intriguing design, then make sure to add a hint of rhinestone to them. Why? It will give a shimmery look to your beauties, and who won’t like to buy them even it’s for a slightly higher price?


Have you ever thought of adding dangles to fiesta medals, or have you ever thought of buying one with dangles? They are a super-exciting idea to make your medals look interesting and flowy. And you can add more than one dangler to your medals for that exciting look.

Other amazing San Antonio Fiesta products that you must check out

San Antonio Fiesta, full of festive vibes and fun, has got something to cherish for every age group. That’s why people from numerous countries start planning their trip to San Antonio months before. And then, there are people who religiously attend this festival just to take a break from their monotonous lives, and dip their souls into happiness for a while. Besides fiesta medals, there are lots of other products that make San Antonio Fiesta a big hit.

Fiesta Lapel pins

Fiesta lapel pins vary in terms of size, design, colors, and texture. Once you hit the Fiesta festival, you would see a host of lapel pins in hard enamel, soft enamel, or basic die-struck forms. And, all you need to do is pick the one that matches your attire, attach it to your gorgeous outfit, sash, hats, etc. and you will be all set to go.

Bottle openers

Open your next wine bottle in style with the funky bottle openers that can be only found in Fiesta. Not only the variety would stun you, but also the combination of bottle openers and fiesta medals would amaze you.

Fiesta themed T-shirts

If you have a knack for shopping, then these customized fiesta t-shirts are going to mesmerize you with their collection. And, the best part is that you won’t be falling short of options at any time throughout the fiesta.

Silk scarfs

Scarfs add an elegant yet bohemian touch to your overall look. Buy silk scarfs for yourself, and add freshness to your attire right away. Else, you may surprise your beloved back home with these special scarves, and make them feel special.

Customizing fiesta medals made easier

In order to make sure that your fiesta medals do a great business next year, plan to order them early. Usually, if you have successfully placed the order by the year-end, you will have a lot of time to generate sales for your medals.

If you are having the urge to create your own fiesta medal, then follow up with our team with these easy steps:

Step 1 Submit your design and request a quote

Whether you just have an incomplete picture of your design or a full-fledged theme, share your design with our experts along with the number of units you need to order. The more you order, the cheaper price you get. Request a quote for the order placed, and we shall reach out to you shortly with the perfect price.

Step 2 Confirm artwork

Nobody wants to see a design on fiesta medals that they never asked for. So, make it a priority to confirm the artwork or design made by our artists for your medals, and ensure that it is exactly what you want.

Step 3 Confirm order

After verifying the digit proof, the final step will be to confirm your final order. For avoiding any inconvenience, make sure to double-check details before hitting the ‘Confirm’ tab.

Step 4 Get a timely delivery

Whoa! Now, you just need to sit and relax and wait for the delivery of your amazing fiesta medals. We ensure timely delivery of medals so that you can start prepping up for your fiesta event ASAP.

In the last,Wish you a happy and safe Fiesta!

How to Make the Best Fiesta Medals: From Design to Production

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