A Beginner’s Guide to Custom PVC Patches

PVC patches are quietly becoming a hot item in the world of apparel adornment. Everyone knows what a clothing patch is, we usually identify them as colorful embroidered squares or circles with an image or words on them that sew or iron on to clothing. A PVC patch is a more durable version of the traditional embroidery patch that adds a limitless variety of customizations in color and shape. The great thing about patches is that they are both fun and work. 

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Here is everything you need to know about PVC patches. 

What, Exactly, Is A PVC Patch And How Is It Made?

PVC patches are a type of garment accessory, which is soft, durable, flexible, and waterproof. While an embroidered patch is made up of thread, a PVC patch is made from Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC). PVC patches are made by pouring colored soft PVC into molds, first with a base color, and then add layers on top to create unique designs. This means that each design has it’s own unique mold, therefore, have any shape or size you desire. 

Here are some frequently asked questions and answers for your reference:

What size can be reached in custom PVC morale patches? 

Custom size and shape, including regular and unregular shapes, maybe be the best advantage for personalized rubber PVC emblems. It can range from 0.5″ to 10″. There is a wide option to turn your dream design into reality. Usually, the most popular PVC rubber patch varies from 0.75″ to 5″, which depends on your needs. The standard thickness is 2.5mm, anyway, if you want it thinner or thicker, it is OK.

Any possible to have our logo on the patches? 

Surely yes, it is a perfect idea to advertise your brand anywhere. Basically, many brands do it. No matter your logo is simple or complicated, It is free to have it on the patches by printing or making it 3D or 2D logo.

What backing accessories are available for choice? 

There are mainly 2 ways to attaches the PVC emblems on clothes or any other apparel: One is by sewing stitch on your jackets and jeans. The other way is by custom PVC Velcro patches, in this way, you can take away the PVC patch kit very easily.

Also, if you want to make the special or eye-catching, there are some techniques:

  1. With glitter color
  2. Making glow in dark patches.
  3. Making a transparent surface.
pvc name patch

Why PVC Patches Are Often The Best Alternative To Traditional Patches?

Unlike other patches, those made with PVC are waterproof and will not crack, fade, fray or get those annoying frilly bits that peel away. Their strength and durability make them the perfect choice for use on sportswear apparel, outdoorsmen, the military, police, or other people that spend a lot of time outside. 

They can adhere to clothing in several ways including velcro (the most popular choice), sewing, or other clips and clasps. Velcro is popular because it gives you flexibility in changing out patches as often as you want. 

PVC patches are lightweight and flexible which gives them the ability to work with any type of clothing like jackets, jeans, caps, hats, backpacks, and more. You are free to choose a variety of color selections, shapes, and custom patches designs. You can even create both 3D and 2D layers.

Incredibly Creative Uses For PVC Patches Both Personal And Professional

Clothing patches can be used for a variety of things from fashion to affiliation and even branding. Here are some of the uses people have found for PVC Patchs so far.

Personal Use plastic PVC Patches:

  • Make a fashion statement – you can even select glow in the dark patches!
  • Take part of a trend such as anime patches
  • Make your voice heard as part of a moment
  • Share your passion for a hobby, book, or movie such as a Star Wars morale patch
pvc morale patches

Let your personality shine with colorful, funny, and sometimes meaningful PVC patches you can use to decorate your jacket, coat, hat, backpack, or other apparel. Make a fashion statement, or use it to identify with like-minded fans and culture enthusiast. You can also make and sell PVC patches for fundraisers or as part of a special interest club.

The placement of PVC patches for personal use is totally up to the individual but many do group them aesthetically based on size. The larger patches usually are used on the back of shirts or jackets or on backpacks or other accessories. You could also use a larger sized PVC patch on the front center of a shirt for a sports jersey or for any fashionable use. Smaller patches are often placed on sleeves, pockets, lapels, and accessories.

Professional Or Commerical Use PVC Patches:

  • Identify a profession or organization (police patches, PVC military patches, unions, park services, school teams, and organization emblems)
  • Used for awards and designations
  • Branded patches for businesses 
  • Branding for clothing lines
pvc velcro patch custom

PVC patches make great promotional gifts to brand your business. The PVC material are workable to make other products suitable to use as giveaways at events. You can create a PVC patch with your exact logo colors and shape. You can also include both 2D or 3D text for an eye-catching look. These rugged patches can make you stand out against your competition. 

Designing And Ordering custom PVC Patches With Perfect Crafts & Gifts

Designing and ordering PVC patches from Perfect Crafts & Gifts couldn’t be easier. As a professional PVC patch maker, We make the PVC rubber patches to your specifications and make sure we have your approval each step of the way. We know that these quality products represent your business or organization and you want to always use the highest quality manufacturers. Here are the simple steps to our creation and ordering process:

Step1.  Submit an inquiry    Send inquiry online, telling your design, size, and quantity.  

Step 2. Create your artwork  We can create it for you for free, just ask! 2D and 3D PVC patch designs are workable.  

Step3. Arrange production  Confirm the final design approval before you pay in full, then you sit back and let us do the work of manufacturing your patches and shipping them to you. 

Our PVC patches are of the highest quality at prices that are fair and affordable. Moreover, we keep prices and order minimums are low to satisfy our clients who own businesses and organizations of many different sizes. If you love the PVC patches, you’ll be happy to know we make other products using this same durable material such as coasters and keychains. 

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