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5 Of The Best Guides to Create Custom Fiesta Medals


Thinking of creating your very own fiesta medal for San Antonio’s upcoming Fiesta Festival but don’t know where to start? In this comprehensive guide, we’ll tell you absolutely everything you need to know to design custom fiesta medals. You’ll learn how to create a medal that promotes your cause and becomes a cherished keepsake for years to come.


1. The Fiesta Medal: A Brief History


Long time residents of San Antonio are very proud of their Hispanic Old West culture and their storied history. Nowhere is this expressed more than in the city’s annual Fiesta Festival.


Over the span of 10 days, local residents and visitors alike enjoy an assortment of special events and parades. Smack-dab in the midst of it all, it’s impossible to miss the lively buying, collecting, trading, and of course, the wearing of fiesta medals. These medals are literally everywhere during the festival. But, few outsiders and even some locals may not be aware that these trinkets actually have an interesting history.


San Antonio’s Fiesta event got its start as a flower parade in 1891 by a group of women looking for a way to honor the Texas heroes who fought at the famed Alamo mission. The residents enjoyed it so much that over the years this event continued to evolve and grow.


Fast forward to 1927, when the local charitable foundation called the Texas Cavaliers named their first “King Antonio.” This person is an honorary monarch elected by his peers to honor the Alamo heroes, give out charity and preside over the city’s Fiesta Festival events.


King Antonio of 1949 began distributing coins to the local children. In 1971 Charles Orsinger, King Antonio for that year continued this tradition but with a twist. He put holes into the coins allowing the children to hang them around their necks.


As time went on the coins became medals, and those medals eventually became the fiesta medals we see today. They now have colorful emblems, shapes, and figurines typically attached to ribbons or pins.


2. How to Create Custom Fiesta Medals San Antonio Residents Love?


The Fiesta medals became so popular, that local organizers even created an event called “Pin Pandemonium.” This event takes place on the first night of Fiesta and is set-up by local organizations, businesses, and medal collectors as a way to buy, trade, and sell medals. The limited-edition Fiesta medals usually range in price from $7 to $15. They sell like hotcakes, to the tune of tens of thousands.

Fiesta medals 2021 mania is around the corner, but if you seriously want to get in on the action you need to have a game plan. Plenty of people will line up at your booth to receive a free medal. But, if you would like them to actually buy your medal, then you need to know the best ways to design, produce, and market it.


To get going in the right direction, pay close attention to the following points below:


2A. Deciding on a Unique custom fiesta medals Design


When it comes to the design of your Fiesta medals, you should make every effort to put some “personality” into it. The uniqueness and aesthetic appeal of your design will significantly impact the demand for your Fiesta medal and how much people are willing to pay for it. Here are a few design tips to keep in mind:


2B. Make it colorful.

Fiesta medals are colorful! They typically have 4 to 6 colors, based on vibrant color palettes that include bright green, yellow, orange, blue, purple, and red. The more colors you include in the design, the more they stand out. You are still free to choose any color you like, you can pick colors that match your logo to give your medals a branded look.


2C. How big do you want your fiesta medal to be?

While fiesta medals come in all shapes and sizes, 1 ¾ inch and 2 inches, are the most popular sizes. Lately, 2 ¼, 2 ½, and 3 inches have also been gaining in popularity.


2D. What will be attached to your medal?

Fiesta medals tend to come with one of two attachments: a ribbon or a pin. If you are interested in using a ribbon, choose a ribbon drape color that fits with the color scheme of your fiesta medal. Also, make sure the ribbon drape will be sturdy enough to hold the medal.


2E. Remember to keep it fun.

Since uniqueness is so important, the sky’s the limit in terms of what you can do. If you are promoting your business, then you can add a little Fiesta flare to your logo. Incorporate local attractions, events, or culture into the design, don’t be afraid to have a sense of humor or to get creative. Fiesta medals can include characters, animals, and elements in nature or free-form shapes. They can also double as useful items such as key chains and bottle openers.


2F. Sliders, springs, and spinners, oh my!

If you really want your medal to stand out, you can put moving parts into your design. This can include danglers and header bars or movable pieces such as hinges, sliders, and even spinners. These kinetic additions can create excitement about your fiesta medal and even get it featured on Fiesta-related websites and social media.


2G. Play around, but… don’t forget your budget!

While all of the above medal design ideas may have gotten your creative juices flowing, if you are working with a limited design budget, then you need to keep it in mind. Features such as the complexity of the design, the number of colors you use, the size, and a number of parts, to name a few, can all significantly impact the cost to manufacture your medals.



3. Manufacturing Your Fiesta Medals


Once you have a rough idea about what you would like the design to be, there are a few additional considerations:


In Texas, there is an established market with many local Fiesta medal designers. A number of local Fiesta medal wholesalers and retailers can also help with designs as well as production. There are several benefits to working with local suppliers and designers. It’s easy, faster, and the people who work there truly understand what the Fiesta Festival is all about.


But, the costs of design and manufacture are generally higher with a local supplier. For that reason, a number of groups choose to work with Chinese designers and manufacturers. In fact, the majority of the thousands of medals brought into the Fiesta event circulation are produced in China.


4. When Should You Design and Manufacture Your Fiesta Medal?


If you are serious about selling Fiesta medals, then you need to design and manufacture your medals early. Delivering early generally means having your medals ready by the end of December.

There are three reasons why the timing is so important:


  1. Since there are other groups seeking to manufacture and sell Fiesta medals, you want to avoid the rush that tends to happen at the beginning of the new year.


  1. Though Fiesta medals are primarily bought and sold during the Fiesta Festival, some collectors will begin buying medals and building a stash to trade already at the beginning of the year by searching a fiesta store online or on social media. By having your medals ready early and promoting them right from the beginning of the year you can gauge their popularity. You can also re-order more if necessary before the Festival.


  1. Finally, since many custom Fiesta medals are manufactured overseas in China, you should plan for the Chinese New Year. Festivities are typically held in the middle of February. The celebration lasts for about two weeks, starting from Chinese New Year’s Eve to the Lantern Festival. For much of this time, you can expect Chinese factories to be closed.


The best time to order with a supplier located in China is really in September or October of the previous year. At this time, factory production lines are generally not busy and are thus available to take your order. They can finish your order more quickly and you can get a better rate. A typical turnaround time is between 15 to 25 days based on your order quantity and the complexity of your design.


5. Finding a Good Manufacturer for Your Custom Fiesta Medals


To locate a supplier you have a few options:


  • If you are looking for local suppliers, then try a Google search. Google’s local search function will give you all of the options that are nearby, including trophy awards stores.


  • For Chinese manufacturers, try, the online marketplace for sourcing products in China.


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