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Top 10 Popular Wedding Gifts 

To all the beautiful would-be-brides and the handsome would-be-grooms, it is that amazing and soul-fulfilling time of your life when you find your better half and decide to start a new journey with each other. When your wedding date is just around the corner and maybe you have started sending out your wedding invites to all your near and dear ones. to request them to make their presence felt and bless you on your big day.

How about your wedding planning? what type of wedding gifts can you get for these beautiful souls who will be coming to share your happiness on your wedding day? A personal touch to the wedding gifts will definitely leave your guests over the moon.

Fret not! Here is a list of top 10 personalized practical wedding presents which you can give to your guests:

Personalized stemless wine glasses

1. Personalized Stemless Wine Glasses  

Whenever you start a journey or celebrate success or happiness, you raise a toast for a good beginning, or in honor of an individual or maybe for the well being of your loved ones, with gifts card writing some wishes attached to it. All your guests will come on your big day to bless the happy couple and so what better way than to reciprocate their love with a personalized stemless wine glass. You can write your personal message with their names on it or have your signature engraved like From Mr. and Mrs. Match Made In Heaven’. This wedding gift will surely be loved by your guests. It can be a bit expensive as it will bear a personalized message and a tad bit inconvenient to handle given that it is made up of glass. But then again all good things are to be handled with care, isn’t it?

custom PVC coasters
wood coaters

2. Customized Coasters  

You can gift beautifully crafted personalized coasters which come in different materials like PVC, glass or wood suiting your needs and desires. The beauty lies in making your guests feel special with a personal message. You can write a message for them or get their photos engraved on the PVC coasters, glass coasters or wood coasters with different designs.

flower lapel pins
wedding gifts lapel pins
wedding gifts lapel pin

3. Custom Lapel Pins  

This is another thoughtful wedding gift which the guest can adorn close to their heart, like literally! Custom lapel pins can come in various pin designs, shapes, and sizes which you can choose as per your desire and convenience. It’s a very popular gift option in North America. It will look exquisite and beautiful on all dress forms, and bags. Starting from suits to tuxedoes to gowns and sarees. A beautiful flower lapel pin or a glamorous stone studded one are unique options, surely yes you can print your wedding photo it would be great meaningful. The unique aspect about the lapel pin is it comes at a reasonable rate and looks gorgeous at the same time.

compact mirror
butterfly compact mirror-perfectcraftsgifts
compact mirror wedding gifts-perfectcraftsgifts

4. Compact Mirror  

Another practical and exquisite wedding gift option can be compact mirrors. Ladies will love it and it can be very useful for the guests other than keeping it as your wedding memorabilia. the quality products come out in custom designs and you can choose the lid designs and colors of the compact mirror case. It is a great gift which the ladies would adore you for but you need to think of a different gift catering to the gentlemen in your guest list.

wedding gift sun glasses

5. Wedding Sunglasses  

What is fun without being a bit odd! You can present gift wedding sunglasses to your friends and bridesmaid. These sunglasses can come in different designs and colors with a funny one-liner or a small message engraved on the arm, or hinges of the sunglasses. The range might vary. If you want to gift your guests a really effective sunglass then your budget might shoot up. The price range will also depend on the design. But then again, this wedding gift option is different and fun and the guests will love it as it will oomph up their fashion quotient.

wedding gift bag

6. Gift Bags  

Did you just hear gift bags? Well, yes. Gift bags as wedding gifts are a very cost-effective and good use option which can come in various designs, quality, and colors. You can order them in bulk with a beautiful Thank You’ note written on the bag. This can be the perfect wedding memorabilia which they will remember and cherish. The price range will vary with the type of quality, shape, and size you want the gift bags for. If your budget allows, you can make it into a goodie-bag containing personal gifts like lapel pins, chocolates, and many more.

Personalized Travel Mug

7. Personalized Travel Mug  

It doesn’t matter if a person is a tea or a coffee lover, or if he or she is neither of the two. Everybody loves a personalized travel mug. Whose heart wouldn’t melt seeing a travel mug with your personal message or their photos engraved on it! It is useful, convenient to carry and will be considered as a treasure by the tea or coffee lovers. Again the cost will vary with the quality, size and the length and type of message you wish to create. If you want a good quality ceramic mug with a big message or a picture engraved, it might fall on the heavier side of your budget. But sweat not! There are the gorgeous reasonable ones as well and yes you can get your personal message engraved on it as well within that budget.

wedding gifts wine stopper
heart Wine Stopper-perfectcraftsgifts

8. Wine Stoppers 

Another unique wedding gift option for your guests is a wine stopper. When the guests are wine lovers and wine collectors, the wedding gifts idea it would be amazing. You can get it in various stunning designs, a picture frame, or any meaningful design which can record your love. It comes in various qualities like rubber, stoppers, steel, brass, and many more and also in various shapes like conical cylindrical, heart shape mushroom with spectacular designs crafted on the upper part of the stopper.

Though it might not find much utility in the day to day life of some guests, it will do an amazing job as a beautiful token of your love and gratitude for them.

wedding gift bottle opener
rose bottle opener-perfectcraftsgifts

9. Beer Bottle Opener

Bottle openers are finding itself more into the gifting circuit with its cool and attractive designs and high convenience of handling it. Depending upon your budget, you can go for different materials of bottle opener like wooden, steel, brass, metal and many more. What’s more, you can get it in any design, color, and style apart from the traditional ones. You name it and you will get your fancy bottle opener in that design. Starting from alphabets to teddy bears, to heart shapes, you can get it all. It comes at a reasonable price to gift to your enormous guest list as well as useful and stylish.

car logo keychain
braided leather keychain

10. Cute Keychains  

This is one thing that never goes out of style, very practical gifts idea, the styles are various and customized,  can be Metal keychains, PVC keyring, Leather keyholders, Acrylic keyfobs. And gifting a personalized key chain with a name or a picture engraved will definitely bring a huge smile on the face of your guests. This one item has no holds barred when it comes to design, shape, and size. Any design and shape you want, your desired key-chain will take that form. You can get this at a reasonable cost that will cater to the taste of your guests. Personalized keychains will be loved by all your guests.

These top 10 wedding gift items will make you a hit among your guests and will ensure that they will never forget the soulful and happy moments they have enjoyed during your wedding. These varieties of wedding gifts come in different designs, shapes with varying costs. You can personalize them as well as making the wedding gifts all the more special for your guests.

These wedding gifts are sure to sweep your guests off their feet. Best wishes to you Happy and your special day.

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