• star shape memorial day medal

Unique silver star medal

Item: 10k marathon memorial day award medal

Process: Bronze die struck with soft enamel

Size: Customized

Finish: Nickel, Gold, and Bronze

Attachment: Red-White-Blue ribbon

Lead time: 7 days for sample production, 10-15 days for bulk production.

How does the medal use?

Award medal can be used in school running game, marathon competition, Olympics games, public benefit activities, and memorial gifts.

Use these for fundraising and advertising, rewards, decorations, and collectors’ items.

                                                                                                          How to order a medal?

Just tell your idea or send your medal design, size, color, and quantity. We can make a FREE medal design for you, as well as offer you the best price.

You can choose from a range of packing options available at additional charges.

And Perfectcraftsgifts provides personalized service and will turn these designs into reality, that too in bulk.

“Pictures are for reference ONLY, NOT for resale”.