Luxury wedding gold tie bar

Luxury wedding gold tie bar chains

Key features

  • Metal: Bronze
  • Size: 57*5mm
  • Brushed Silver color/ Gold color
  • Usage: corporate tie clip, wedding tie bar, business gifts

Use these tie clips to keep your tie in place while you rock the dance floor with your strong moves. No need to worry about your tie or where it is going because the tie bar will keep it in place.

It is a sturdy piece of jewelry which is not only beautiful and will complement anything you are wearing but also, add an extra element to your clothes and make it more interesting. Do not be afraid to break the gender norms and buy it for yourself or one of your friends who likes to rock a tuxedo as much as her male counterparts.

With our wide range of collection and service of custom designing, we can provide everyone something they need.

We have a wide range of tie clip and cufflink set. There maybe one can suit you.

Luxury wedding gold tie bar chains