Project Description

  • australian flag cufflinks

Jewelry type Australia flag cufflinks

Key features:

Red-Blue-White printing cufflinks for recognition, Patriotic Men’s Shirt cufflink.

Alloy die casting

Silver plating; Permanent color

Size: 25*22mm

Package: couple/ jewelry box

Usage: For men’s shirt; Daddy’s gift


Show your patriotic side with these Australian flag cufflinks. It is perfect for the parades, and other celebrations. You can even incorporate it into your everyday looks to make the look more dapper.

Why use cufflinks?

Cufflinks are an accessory which makes a person look more put together. In office setting, it makes you look competent and in a public setting, it is definitely something the ladies will notice.

You can customize the cufflinks to make them more relevant to your circumstances and we can provide the same to you.

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