Cheap SpongeBob lapel pin

Cheap vintage brooches

Funny SpongeBob pin brooch, with smile face. In great hands.

Key features:

Craft: Iron die struck with soft enamel filling

2D design custom logo


Plating: Dye black

Attachment: butterfly clutch

Color: Match pantone color chart

RoHS & EN71-3 standard

Funny SpongeBob pin brooch, with smile face. Custom design one which matches your interest and add it to any of your outfits to make it more YOU.

You can design these cheap vintage brooches into cute outdoor games characteristics pin. You can design the Minions, Conan, Dota games, League of Legends games pin badges for collecting pin. It is a perfect gift solution to the game players.

You are welcome to design you lapel pin.

“Pictures are for reference ONLY, NOT for resale”.