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How to make custom medals online | The Ultimate Guide

When you need a custom medal made, use this guide to walk you through the process of having custom medals online designed and made.

1. Provide a medal design as a JPEG, PNG, Ai, PSD, and PDF file.

The simplest way is to send in a sketch with the colors marked.

If the custom design medals are going to be based on an existing one, please send in a photograph of the custom medallions. We can take this information to design a customized medallion for you based on the information provided.

2. Specify  the following information

2A. Type of medal desired: medallion coins, dog tags, custom race medals, graduation medals, etc. Provide the type of medal to be built.

2B. The desired dimensions of the final product: height, width, and any other applicable measurements. If you’re unsure of the measurements, we can offer some suggestions for you

2C. Metal finish color. The most common plating colors are gold and nickel (silver-colored) finishes. We can proceed list of other colors as needed. See the plating color chart for reference.

2D. Quantity of medals desired. We provide any custom medals no minimum

2E. Colors: We match the Pantone color chart to create personalized trophies and awards. Reference the color chart and provide the number of each color with your request, If you do not have any specific color, we will choose the closest color for you.

2F. Attachments or accessories if necessary. These can be magnets, keyrings, butterfly clutches, and safety pins. These are not required to attach to a medal but should be specified

2G. Additional finishes or non-standard requests. These can include glitter enamel, printing, backing texture, laser-engraved logos or sequence numbers, and so on. Provide specific requests and we will work out the design of the product as desired.

3. Request In-hands date.

Make sure to include this information as many of the orders need to be completed for a specific event or deadline. Our standard lead time is 10-20 days and will vary depending on the design, quantity, and other factors.

If you need a rush order that is earlier than 10 days from the order date, contact the sales representatives when placing an order. As a reliable medals manufacturer, our goal is to complete orders as desired. We will work with you to ensure that you receive the products by your deadline.

4. Display and presentation information.

This will help us to determine any attachments needed in addition to the packaging for the medals. For example, any medals that are to be given as engraved awards gifts can be ordered in a gift box. If used for the sporting medal, we can attach a ribbon drape or a head bar to be attached to clothing. Our team will work with you to decide how to display or make custom medals and trophies.

5. Desired budget and costs.

There are a variety of ways to make personalized trophies and awards. The material cost and processes will vary the price. We can work with you to meet your budgetary needs and use more economical options as needed.

These are a few materials that can be used for die-struck medals and die casting medals as listed.

  • Copper stamped with Enamel
  • Brass stamped with Soft Enamel
  • Brass stamped with Hard Enamel
  • Brass Photo-Etched with Soft Enamel
  • Iron Stamped with Soft Enamel
  • Iron die struck with Soft Enamel
  • Zinc Alloy die-casting with hard enamel
  • Zinc Alloy die-casting with soft enamel Full 3D sculpture

For a high-quality medal that may be designed for a collector’s item, the copper and brass materials are the best options. The cheap award medals are also options for the economical choice. Keep in mind that the design of the medal may also decide which process and material must be used.

Here is an example of custom design medals with its artwork:

  • Item: Metal Medal
  • Material and process: Zinc alloy die casting with soft enamel (2D both sides for spinner part + 2D front for medal body)
  • Size: 2”
  • Thickness: 4mm
  • Plating: Gold
  • Color:11C soft enamel +2 glitter enamel
  • Additional: 1C printing
  • With epoxy
  • Attachment: No
  • Packing: 1pc/ polybag packing. 50pcs/bag. proper quantity of products in one carton.
custom medals online

When you need to create custom medals online, Please follow above 5 tips, or just contact us, our well-trained sales representatives will help you with your medals designs step by step.

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