July 2019

What is dual plating?

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What is Dual Plating? Dual plating means that a badge or challenge coin with two-tone finishes. In simple words, dual platings mean that there are two different metallic colors on the surface of a product. For example, The most common two-tone finish is gold plating and nickel plating. Other popular plating options include black [...]

June 2019

What is a challenge coin?

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What is a challenge coin? Introduction The military has a long-standing tradition of using custom challenge coins to commemorate special occasions and reward exceptional actions. Military challenge coin initially keeps by members of the armed forces, law enforcement officers and so on. They are award to notable people like military personnel, veterans, or the [...]

July 2016

Plating Color Options

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Plating color options What is Plating? Plating, called Electroplating, which refers to the color finish on a metal surface. It can accomplish any metal color finish on one specific metal. and It is an essential process in Metal Crafts. ElectroPlating colors mainly include: Gold Plating Silver Plating Nickel Plating Copper Plating Brass Plating Chrome [...]